Prints now available via American Furniture Warehouse

American Furniture Warehouse Print

Prints now available via American Furniture Warehouse


A few prints are now available via American Furniture Warehouse.


Cerebral Tout, Afterglow, From Above and Below, are prints now available through American Furniture Warehouse stores and  AFWonline.

An artist does not make much when releasing the rights to print paintings.  Specially through American Furniture Warehouse.  So I will not be releasing any more rights to them.  But it was just another step in promoting my art and my name.  These are prints are very affordable and easily attainable.  My goal is to someday only print my artwork in a numbered fashion.  1/500 and so forth to retain and increase its value.  I do sell prints via Saatchi Online.  Art Prints are part of the process.  It allows more work to be available to the world at a lower cost.  I wonder how many times “Starry Night” has been printed?  Millions I’m sure!  Every time I visit the local art shop I see the same prints.  They are always there.  Vincent van Gogh seems to be the favorite.  Rightly so, his work is incredible.  I may try to pursue printing locally.  I am waiting for an opening in a local gallery.  I am hoping to discuss printing with them.  If it is appropriate then I will pursue it.  Many people do seek out originals.  Which is wise if you plan on collecting them as an investment.  Art tends to average a better yield that the stock market.  Do your research and you will see.  Find an artist that you deem worthy, and invest!  Prints are merely a way to share more art with the world.  Originals are for the purists.  The individuals who would have nothing less.  I am rambling here.  All the best!


Cerebral Tout - Abstract Art by Eric Siebenthal -

Cerebral Tout – (24 x 24 x 1.5″ print) – American Furniture Warehouse