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Midnights Bliss - is the Official Online Art Gallery for Eric Siebenthal. Painting is a passion, an addiction that will not be easily overthrown.
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Midnights Bliss

Midnight's Bliss - Fluid Acrylic Art by Eric Siebenthal -

Midnights Bliss

Midnight’s Bliss

This painting took awhile. I’m starting to really mess with different techniques, mediums, and have taken a liking to enamel mixed in with different types of acrylics. I won’t go into the details of how enamels interact with the acrylics. But it is interesting and creates a unique attribute to the composition.

I started out initially painting aspen trees, as so many people have aspen tree paintings and pictures in there homes. But I got bored with it very fast and couldn’t let it sit. I dumped the typical colors of the forest and aspens off the canvas, straight into the sink, and started again with a different perspective. Aspens at midnight. An abstract view of aspens, at night. This is my take on the oh so typical aspen grove. Don’t get me wrong, I do also appreciate and love the light coming through aspens on a cool morning or evening sunset with a slight breeze. It is beautiful, but I’m a painter, not a photographer, and I see things differently through paint. I can’t help it, I get bored with typical incredibly easy. The specs of color were added to bring life to a generally sepia colored canvas. The colors which I think bring out the emotion and color the moment might bring. A visceral aspen grove has much more of an elaborate story to tell. Hopefully this painting tells the story I intended to capture.