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Art 2011 - Artists often owe a debt to their craft, I am no different. Create and Inspire, key elements to success and sanity. Official Online Art Gallery for Eric Siebenthal.
Art 2011, Abstract Art, Abstract Artist, Acrylicmind, Art, Contemporary Art, Eric Siebenthal, Fort Collins Artist, Loveland Artist, Modern Art, Fluid Abstract, Fluid Art
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Art 2011

2011, Art
2011, Abstract Art, Contemporary Art, Fluid Acrylic Art, Ink Art, Modern Art

Artworks created in 2011.

This was a pretty big year in art, a lot was accomplished. Further confidence into this painting style. Also, entered into my first art gallery. What an experience, learned a lot and got a bit complacent. It’s easy to sit back and not work hard, this is a sure way to fail.