Art 2017

2017, Art
2017, Abstract Art, Contemporary Art, Fluid Acrylic Art, Ink Art, Modern Art
About This Project

Art has intrigue, so much work to accomplish, so little time. …. Adding to this years portfolio, I’ve really found some interest in Line work. Rough line work, it’s really drawing my attention. I’ve been searching for something that really sparks my interest, something I won’t get bored with. I’ve noticed many tattoo artists are creating work in this manner as well, maybe that’s why I find it so intriguing. Geometric line work, it’s fascinating. I am going to attempt to intertwine this style of work with my fluid acrylics, who knows, it may turn out good. Either way I am enjoying adding another style of art to my toolbox of techniques. I’ve also really slowed down on filming as I could use the creative space, so I’m cutting ties with the camera for a bit.