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Art 2017 - Artists often owe a debt to their craft, I am no different. Create and Inspire, key elements to success and sanity. Official Online Art Gallery for Eric Siebenthal.
Art 2018, Abstract Art, Abstract Artist, Acrylicmind, Art, Contemporary Art, Eric Siebenthal, Fort Collins Artist, American Artist, Modern Art, Digital Art, Fluid Art
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Art 2018

2018, Art
2018, Abstract Art, Contemporary Art, Digital Art, Drawing, Fluid Art, Ink Art, Limited Edition Print, Modern Art, Photography, Sketch, Street Art

Digital – Mixed Multi-Media Sketch Art is where I’m headed this year, whatever all that means.. I’ve had this passion and vision for quite awhile, yet hadn’t the knowledge of how to go about creating it. I’ve been searching, studying, and creating, finding ways to incorporate Street Art, Fluid Art, Stencil work, Drawing, and Photography all into one perfect digital composition. I believe the possibilities for this form of art are limitless and will allow for a broad range of dramatically different compositions. I am also leaning towards Limited Edition Digital Prints. This leap will make my Art far more accessible around the world with the ease and availability to Buy, Download, then Print. No Shipping, No Waiting, No Hassle, ..

This year should open up some major creative boundaries for me as long as I keep my nose to the creative grindstone.