What is success?

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What is success?

What is Success?

I have over and over and over discovered how easy it is to get wrapped up in the bureaucracy of being an artist. It is so easy to get caught up in “thinking.”  Thinking too much is brutal!!! “Is the art good enough”, “Do people even like it?”… “what am I doing, this is insane?”..or. “I am busting my ass and getting nowhere.”  It’s all deceptive and self destructive thinking.  What and who defines if I am getting somewhere or not, if I am succeeding or not?  Only I can do that!  It’s all a mirage in the stupidity of an over active brain.  Just shut the damn thing off!

  I work a typical 9-5 job like most, then come home to work more.  Either have it be painting, web design, studio work, or marketing. This is all a lot of work, a ton!  In all honesty, at times even going to the bathroom seems like a massive inconvenience.  And sleep…? sleep is a pain in the ass.!!  I am very busy to say the least.  But getting caught up in the thoughts that go along with all of this is something unto itself.  Without a high rate of success as an artist, it makes for a complicated slippery emotional state.  Art is a very personal thing indeed!
What I have learned time and time again, is that success will come in waves.  You get moments that really showcase and get lively, followed by a bunch more moments that are dull and a struggle.  But, the key I’ve found in all of this is remembering why I am doing it..  I love to paint!  The ability to put my thoughts on canvas, let go of inhibitions and release emotions that often times I don’t even understand or know exist, and mostly importantly to create the piece of art.  It is worth the push for me, it is a passion to say the least.  This simple very basic thought brings me back into reality and helps me continue painting, for my sanity and because I adore it..  In the end, if it all falls to shit and I simply cannot afford to push anymore, I will always have the art.  The art is in the painting!
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